11 Practical Tips for The Care of Stainless Steel Utensils – They are Effective!

These 11 tips will be of great help to preserve the life of stainless steel gift items and keep them 100% impeccable.

  1. Wash the pans with neutral soap

– You must wash the stainless steel plates with neutral soap and warm water, using a cloth or soft sponge to extract the oil and fats that adhere to the bottom.

  1. Dry with a towel

-Once you finish washing, dry quickly with a soft cloth to avoid the formation of lime stains.

  1. Avoid excess heat

-It is recommended that you cook with medium or low heat to prevent grease and oils from adhering quickly and deeply due to excess heat.

  1. The size of the burner should be adjusted to the diameter of the pot

– You must choose the size of the burner or heat source that best fits the exact width of the cooker, especially if they are gas cookers. Also, to see great results, you will make the subsequent cleaning of the pots even easier.

  1. Vinegar is excellent for removing dark spots in pots

Vinegar is a perfect solution when overheated stainless steel dinner sets, appear dark spots. Although these do not affect the food that is cooked in any way, you can make them disappear in a secure and simple way; boil water with vinegar in a 4 to 1 serving for 4 or 5 minutes in the pot you want to remove, then wash the pot as usual. You will notice the difference.

  1. Avoid scratching the pan with sharp utensils

– It is essential to be careful when veggies burn or stick in the stainless steel cookware; you should not try to extract with sharp utensils, brushes or metal sponges, as this action will immediately scratch the bottom and surface of the pot. In this case you must repeat the previous vinegar method 3 times, and if necessary, extend the estimated time. It is an effective technique.

  1. Avoid prolonging the food inside the pot for a long time

-Once you finish cooking, you should not leave the cooked foods inside the stainless steel kitchenware; it is necessary to pass them to another container. Remember that prolonged contact with salts and acids in food deteriorates the surface of stainless steel irreparably and also produces a series of pitting or corrosion.

  1. Do not use detergents with chloride – they damage the polish

-Avoid using cleansers that contain: chloride, hypochlorite or bleach; you should not wash the pots with these products because they damage the polishing of the surface. Read the components before buying the detergents.

  1. Fill the pot with water and then take it to the burner over low heat

If by accident the food sticks out of the Tiffin, you can soften with this technique and thus avoid scratching the pot with another type of method.

  1. You must keep the stainless steel utensil clean without covering it – it will avoid unpleasant odors.

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