Carry Your Food For Lunch In Style

Amidst the hectic hours at work or the tiring classes in school, the lunch break is the only saving grace that lets you take a sigh of relief. Lunch also helps you to revive yourself. But here is the thing! In our country, the lunch has to be varied in taste and one simple dish just does not cut it. So here we are with our latest range of Tiffin boxes which can best be called a combo of three different boxes. That is right. With three different boxes, you can have your wholesome food while you are at work or school.

Tiffin boxes are irreplaceable and sometimes a single Tiffin box may not carry enough food. Besides, there are certain dishes that call for separate vessels for storage. The Best Tiffin manufacturers in India like Sourabh Steel have taken the note of the same and have introduced these combo Tiffin boxes which multiply the level of use and efficiency. For starters chapatis need to be fresh and should not get spoiled because of the dripping curry or the veggies preparation. Therefore, in our combo steel Tiffin boxes, we have incorporated a plastic box for carrying the chapatis whereas the two circular boxes can carry the lentils and vegetable curries. One need not worry about the food or the liquid preparation ooze out of the boxes. All our steel Tiffin boxes have been designed to be leak proof meaning there is little to no chance of the liquid preparation drip or leave a trail. And the best part is that these three containers come with a beautifully stitched pouch that can zip all them up making it easy to carry your lunch box.

Packing a lunch box for your husband or any family member for office in the morning sounds easy, but in some homes, that’s the most challenging task. What goes into the lunch box is a separate thing but how it’s going to fit in a Tiffin box or designer container is what we need to deal with. Now comes another challenge; the kids. Kids can be extremely choosy with regard to everything they carry to school. Some of them do not fancy carrying the so-called “old” looking steel Tiffin boxes. To give some respite to the doting and worrying moms, we have introduced the smiley Tiffin boxes in our collection. The Steel Tiffin Manufacturers in Delhi has cleverly added the plastic lid with a smiley design whilst keeping the container bottom made of pure steel. Thus, you get to hit two birds with one stone!

Sourabh Steel has always been striving to churn out the best steel utensils which do not compromise on quality and also meet the demand of changing times. All our products undergo intense quality standards test so you get the robust steel utensils that you look for. It is time you purchased the latest line of tiffin boxes and dole out smile and favorite food for your loved ones.

Revere The Almighty With Robust Pooja Thali

An individual’s connection with the divine forces is the most pure and special one. Hence, there must not be any sort of compromise so far as the offering of prayers are concerned. With the festive season just around the corner, the demand and purchase of stainless steel utensils is likely to soar. But we believe that if you are to conduct all the rituals and worshipping in the auspicious time, why not do it with the specially made Puja thalis? As the name suggests, the puja thalis are exclusively made for special occassions like Navaratri and Diwali. What’s more? You can always add them to your daily puja sessions.

When a festival related pooja is being conducted, the first thing that we reach out for is a plate which can house all the important articles for the worship. Thus we have the puja thalis that are made of various sizes to suit your needs. Starting from the 8 inch thickness with a diameter of 18 cm to the larger ones which are 13 inches thick and 32 m in diameter, you have plenty of options to choose from. Puja plates made of steel look impressive and their strong build ensures that they are not fragile as they lead to minimal use and corrosion. Rather, our puja thalis can be used for daily worship.

Since it is puja thali, it should be most appealing and must have that conspicuous touch. Hence, our thalis have the “Om” symbol embossed at the center of the thali thereby giving it the most apt look. Such thalis can be used round the year during religious festivals and can give an apt look. If you are looking for something more exclusive for the festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi or Diwali, you simply cannot go wrong with the Ganesha thali which has Lord Ganesha’s image carved in steel. The Ganesha thali too comes in different size and thickness dimensions.

The stainless-steel plates have carbon and iron as their main component. Therefore, there is no question on their durability. Unlike iron, steel does not rust. This adds to their utility. Moreover, steel is an essential element and all utensils made of steel are integral to every household. With worshipping of gods being the major part of every household, it is rather a worthy investment to but steel Puja thalis that have been made to last for years.

Steel utensils are a necessity round the year. Many people also look for an overhaul during the festive seasons. With our exhaustive collection of stainless steel utensils, you are sure to have some of the most latest in design steel utensils which are made for all purposes. Whether it is the daily use stainless thali, tiffin boxes, masala boxes or even air-tight dry fruit containers, we have it all! And the best part is you get total worth of your money since we believe in delivering quality goods that live up to their name and use regardless of how rigorous its application is.