6 Reasons Why Prefer a Stainless Steel Lunch Box Over a Glass Lunchbox

Who doesn’t like the beautiful look of a marvellous lunch box packed with some delicious food? The market is flooded with lots of designs and various materials for lunch boxes but choosing the right material for lunch box could be a hectic task.

Stainless steel tiffin

Most people boil their choices down with a stainless-steel lunchbox or a glass lunch box. Both materials lunch boxes have their own benefits but stainless steel boxes are always top of the competition. Here are 6 reasons why stainless-steel lunch boxes are the best material to choose for the lunch boxes.

1.   Unbreakable Property

Compare to glass material, there is no match for stainless steel lunch boxes. Because of its unbreakable property, it is the best choice for the long run. On the other side, it’s easy enough to break a glass lunch box and can cause some serious damages if its broken pieces mix in your food. For such reason, it is always a better choice to choose a stainless-steel tiffin box over the glass one.

2.   Portable and Lightweight  

It is usually found that glass lunch boxes are heavy and need some extra care to avoid any breakage. Its heavyweight makes it hard for your kid to carry around the tiffin in school. But the stainless steel material tiffin boxes are much lighter and portable. This makes it durable enough for your kid to carry around to school or on an adventure trip.  

3.   Plastic-free 

Some glass made up with adulteration of plastic and these glasses lunch box can slowly poison your food which results in some serious health issues. To avoid such health threats, it’s better to shift a much healthier choice means stainless steel. It keeps you away from harmful plastic in all forms.  So be healthy and choose healthy products!

4.   Excellent Designs 

When it’s come to unmatchable design with the classic look, nothing can beat the stainless steel lunch boxes. Besides, it comes with lots of options which is the classification and the combination of different food types. This makes your lunch boxes more stylist and is not plain and boring anymore. Check out our wide range of lunch boxes that not only best steel insulated lunch box but also come in charming colors and patterns too.

5.   Extremely Sustainable

While glass lunch boxes keep food warm for a long time, it’s still not safe to carry food in them because of their low durability. Plus, its frames are made from heavily laminated acetates which are procured from non-renewable oil can create adverse effects on your health. Other side, steel is a sturdy material that can be recycled repeatedly which makes it the best material for your lunchbox, especially for your kids. 

6.   Antibacterial Function

Apart from excellent design and durability, stainless steel also has antibacterial properties. Its smooth and integrated coating renders a bio-enhanced surface that helps reduce bacteria proliferation.

This antibacterial property won’t leach any toxic chemicals into your food. This makes it the best material for your lunchbox, particularly for your kids.

Whatever material lunch box you choose for yourself or kids, remember that the material you select in the end will be of overall benefits to your health and the environment too. A long-lasting and durable stainless steel lunch box will keep out harmful chemicals and in the long run, save you money.

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