9 Reasons Why Steel Is Better Option For Materials Handling Than Plastic

Stainless Steel has long been the most trusted choice by industries, especially for its durability and authenticity. Today plastic provides the same performance as steel at a cheap price make it the first choice of people.

While plastic certainly has its perks but still there’s nothing that compares to Stainless Steel. Here are 9 reasons why stainless steel utensils are superior then plastic:

1.   Temperature Resistant

Compare to other materials, steel can withstand a wider range of temperature compared to most commercial plastic. Even steel can endure rapid or cyclic temperature vacillations better than most plastics.

2.   Better corrosion resistance

Stainless steel has the properties to resist corrosion in atmospheric and pure water environments. They have High-alloyed grades that resist corrosion in alkaline solutions, most acids, and chlorine environments in contrast most plastic fail to it.

3.   More versatile

Steel can easily be combined with plastic to provide the benefits of both products. While plastics can be moulded, in terms of versatility, metal can be moulded, shaped, cut, bent, welded, and assembled in a myriad of ways whereas plastics can be limited.

4.   Easy To Clean

Grease, solvent and industrial oils stain plastic more deeply than steel and making it more difficult to keep it clean. Stainless steel surfaces are smooth and are easier to maintain in their original appearance that makes it easier to sterilise and sanitise for food and medical grade steels.

5.   Tough and Strong 

Stainless Steel has greater tensile strength that make them more durable and stronger. On the other side, ventilation holes degrade the strength of plastic make them flimsy.

6.   Less water Retention 

Steel is a poor absorber of water therefore it does release water as well. However, some plastic can absorb water which may yield the plastic itself or create other issues depending on the application and presence of bacterial growth.

7.   Fire Resistance

The presence of high chromium and nickel-alloyed steels resist scaling and keeps strength even at high temperatures. In contrast, plastics may disintegrate when exposed to fire especially in the process of melting and release harmful chemicals that populate air.

8.   One Time Cost

When it comes to one-time investment, including initial tooling, stainless steel is the best material option for you. Its high durability and corrosion-resistant property make it a sound investment for long-term use.

9.   Highly Sustainable

While plastics tear down much quicker, it’s still not environmentally friendly. Most of the plastics come from petroleum non-renewable material that can cause adverse effects to your health. On the other hand, steel is a permanent material that can be recycled repeatedly without losing its properties.

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