Hard Anodized and Stainless Steel Utensils- Basic Understanding

Stainless steel is an admired choice worldwide as a long-lasting material suitable for several assorted applications. It distinguishes itself from iron, copper and plain steel by its ability to resist corrosion. Exposure to air and water causes rust and oxidation with various other metals, but with stainless steel there is no effect at all. Utensils made from this metal remain unblemished for the duration of their life.


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Aside from maintaining food preparation surfaces very clean, stainless steel utensils have some other outstanding benefits. These advantages include easy cleaning surfaces; as these cook wares do not have pores that may hide dirt. Utensils made from stainless steel are also very beautiful and can be very eye-catching, they are also very inert, which means chances of reacting with acidic foods during preparation are very negligible, thus there is no adverse effect on the flavor of the meals. If properly maintained stainless steel utensils can last for a very long time.


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These cook wares need to be properly cleaned to maintain longevity and attractiveness. Some of the significant tips that may be of importance when cleaning include allowing them to cool before washing them. Soaking these utensils in water when they are hot is done to make them lose shape. If you want to remove the manufacturer sticker, you need to drench the area with the sticker in lathered water and scratch off the sticker using your fingers. These cleaning practices can help to make the stainless steel utensils last long while at the same time maintain their attractive nature.

Over the past few years, anodized cookware is becoming popular among users because of their non-sticky nature. These cook wares are made from aluminum dipped in an acid bath and subjected to an electrical current. You can cook healthier meals using less oil on these utensils. Another benefit of using hard anodized cookware is that it is resistant to scratch and corrosion. When handled with care these utensil’s top durability provides a very long lifespan.

Anodized cookware is more lightweight yet 30% harder than regular stainless steel cook wares. This is because of electro-chemical interaction process applied to the aluminum, as a result of which a hard oxide surface is formed which is similar to the material of a sapphire. It is best to hand-wash hard anodized cookware as automatic dishwasher detergents can bleach the surface. Always use mild dishwashing soap with a dishcloth or a sponge, wash in warm water, and make it dry completely to avoid water spotting. If any food stuff got stuck on the surface, immerse your utensil in very warm soapy water for a while before washing. Specks on the surface can be removed using baking soda and water paste. Use this paste on the blemished part, leave it for thirty minutes or so, and then wash, rinse and dry.

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