Heavy Anodized Aluminum Cookware

Heavy anodized dishes are a common name for metal pots and pans made of electrochemically toughened aluminum.

Kanchan dinner set

Kanchan dinner set

This name of the dishes came from the English from “hard anodized aluminum cookware”. It would be more correct to say a hard anodized coating and not heavily anodized. Because “Hard” is used to emphasize that the thickness and strength of the anodizing layer is greater than that of other anodized aluminum coatings and “hard.” In this case, the severity or complexity of anodizing is not relevant.

For the curious – about heavy anodizing

The process of heavy anodizing was originally developed for use in the restaurant industry. Chefs needed light and wear-resistant pans, for cooking a large number of dishes a day.

The acid is then cooled to the freezing point of water. The electric current drastically increases, resulting in a heavily anodized aluminum surface, which is twice as hard as stainless steel .

Advantages of heavily anodized cookware


Dishes made from heavily anodized aluminum have a significantly longer service life compared to dishes with a traditional non-stick coating, and this coating has practically no pores. It is this – almost complete absence of pores, which allows it to withstand the adherence of food to it, even if the food is absorbed or burnt.

At present, the resistance to corrosion and scratches, heavily anodized pans is higher than that of the other sturdiest tableware, because unlike the applied non-stick coating. A heavily anodized surface will not have a thin layer or thin film on the surface to be protected, and the surface itself is a protective layer.

Aluminum is known to be an excellent heat conductor so dishes from it will heat up evenly and there will not be separate hot spots in the pan, so the food will be cooked more evenly.

Aluminum cookwarehas an extremely long life and can withstand wear and corrosion for a long time. A peeling film or crust will not form on the surface, and it can be operated at very high heat without damage to the coating.

Unlike dishes made of plastic or with a traditional non-stick coating, dishes made from heavily anodized aluminum do not require special spoons or blades made of wood or other soft materials.

Harmless features

There are fears that aluminum and some of its compounds are toxic and there is a link between aluminum and diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and others, as a result of which some consumers are afraid of buying aluminum utensils.

Hard anodized cookware of aluminum makes its use safe for consumers as the coating is chemically stable, does not decompose and is completely non-toxic.


Because the heavily anodized cookware is non-stick and non-stick coating will not eventually peel off due to wear or mechanical damage, as can happen with other non-stick coatings of aluminum, exposing aluminum under oxidation coating, in consequence, in our opinion, such dishes are safer than standard non-stick cookware.

Thus, according to the manufacturers, the dishes using heavily anodized aluminum are completely safe and do not affect the taste of the dishes. At the same time, all the advantages of aluminum cookware remain.

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