How to Choose Stainless Steel Cookware?

To choose the right dishes from stainless steel, you need to pay attention to some of its parameters and properties.

First, such dishes must meet the requirements:

  • Be made of stainless steel that fits hygienic conditions and is suitable for deep drawing (304, 202, 201, etc.);
  • the outer layer of the bottom can be made of stainless steel grade 430, which allows the use of dishes on all types of cooking stoves;
  • The density of the walls of the pan should not be less than 0.5 mm (the thickness of the walls of the dishes of the premium class is 0.8 mm, the thickness of the walls of the pressure cookers and coffee makers is 1-1.2 mm ;
  • The thickness of the heat distribution layer of the bottom is not less than 3 mm.

Kanchan dinner set

Secondly, before you buy stainless steel dishes, carefully inspect its grinding. Polishing the pan should be flawless allows only three-point errors. No scratches, potholes, dents, protrusions on the surface of the cookware from stainless steel should not be. Otherwise, it will accumulate dirt and secrete heavy metals for food.

Before you buy stainless steel utensils, be sure to make sure that the lid perfectly fits snugly to a frying pan or saucepan.

Some stainless steel frying pans also have an extra layer of non-stick coating. Most often it is short-lived and not very reliable.

Also, experts advise not to be conducted on such useless chips as heat sensors on the lids of pots and pans and copper inserts in the center of the covering layer of the encapsulated bottom. From this bloat, there is entirely no benefit.

Of course, when choosing stainless steel utensils, one must pay attention to its composition.

Stainless Steel 304

The best material for making dishes is the 304 chromium-nickel steel.

Of the steel of this brand is produced the bulk of the plates. A worthy alternative to stainless steel 304 does not yet exist.

Stainless Steel 202 and 201

Due to the high price of nickel, instead of austenitic steel 304, some manufacturers use stainless steels 202 and 201. In these grades, nickel is partially replaced by manganese. Utensils from stainless steel 202 and 201 are often sold under the marking 18/10. So the so-called medical steel is not a sign of elite European dishes. In fact, steels 202 and 201 make cheap and not very high-quality dishes, as well as fittings and kitchen utensils not used on the stove: bowls, colander, spoons, forks, etc.

Stainless steel 430

Stainless Cookware

In addition to the three grades mentioned above of stainless steel, another one is used in the production of dishes- 430. This is nickel-free ferritic steel. As a rule, the outer layer of the encapsulated bottom of pots, as well as domestic cutlery, is made from it.

Import spoons and forks, in addition to the 430 mark, are also made from 304 and 202 stainless sheets of steel. The stainless steel 420 is used for the production of knives.

Stainless steels utensils of grades 304, 202, 201 and 430 fully comply with the requirements for corrosion resistance, applied to the dishes.

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