How to Clean Steel Cutlery And Dinner Set?

The cleaning of steel cutlery can be made to preserve in perfect condition both flatware which is not used daily and for cutlery used every day after a healthy meal.

Cleaning of steel cutlery which is not used daily.

After a period of storage in the drawers, perhaps even with the cloth or velvet case, the Stainless steel plates still needs to be polished because the components of the steel, especially if shiny, could create some point of oxide or simply opacity. Here are the three stages of cleaning the steel cutlery in which they will resume their brilliant appearance.

The first operation to do is check if the cutlery shows signs of oxide. If there is some dot of oxide, you can clean, with a cloth soaked in diluted lemon juice, with water the affected parts making sure to remove the oxide from the steel cutlery.

Rinse the steel cutlery and put everything in a container especially filled with hot water. Leave for about ten minutes for the hot water to act on the cutlery, melting the grease deposited in the steel.

Remove the cutlery and wash with degreasing detergent (without chemical content) and the non-abrasive sponge. Soap well and check that the soap also acts inside the prongs (tips). Clean steel cutlery

After an abundant rinse, to remove all the residual detergent, place the cutlery on a dry cloth in the “in line” position to check for stains or streaks in the steel that has escaped during washing.

The last phase, to be considered fundamental, concerns the drying and polishing of cutlery. A soft cloth will facilitate your final job of cleaning steel cutlery, which must be done when the cutlery is still dripping. This helps to eliminate the halos or streaks in the handles and above all eliminates the small spots left by the drops of those laid not dried first. The abundant rinsing done in the previous phases (useful to remove all the detergent and the lemon) will ensure that the small halos of the dry drops can be removed without problems because they are just due to water. Careful polishing of the own cutlery follows this.

Avoid storing the cutlery together but separate them by placing them in individual cases, or use a soft cloth to wrap them in groups so that they do not touch each other, thus avoiding scratching.

Cleaning of steel cutlery after their daily use.

All Steel Bartan manufacturers do not exclude dishwashing. But it is clear that careful washing, with just a few products, guarantees you a better result and allows cutlery to last longer. This is because detergents, tablets and specific products for dishwashers could have a corrosive component that could be too aggressive for steel, for shiny parts or any other finish in cutlery.

For a hand wash it is essential to eliminate the leftover food to allow a more accurate washing. Also, wear a small brush that allows you to clean thoroughly between the tines. After this phase the cleaning of the steel cutlery proceeds calmly as indicated above, starting from stage 3, you can safely follow the same indications.

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