Professional Cookware: A Guide To Shapes And Uses

A guide to the shapes and uses of professional cookware is useful for those who, even at home, want to cook food in the best way: because cooking is an art that requires its specific tools!

No craftsman could do his job better if he did not have the “tools of the trade” available.

If we consider cooking as an artisanal activity, which requires knowledge and professionalism, then we can easily understand how, even in this field, we must take care to obtain the best tools. Right ingredients, elaborate recipes, and brilliant cooks are not enough: even the right pots are needed.

Professional cookware: a guide to shapes and uses

Stainless steel utensils are perhaps among the first that man has developed in the course of history.

But the pots, as we know them today, are a recent acquisition.

In antiquity, it was cooked in containers with a rounded shape, and mostly terracotta was used. It is only with the industrial revolution that the iron pots are built, then in aluminum, then in steel.

Professional Cookware, which are the most used forms in the kitchen today?

The first professional pot that we present is the saucepan. A full pan with high edges, which can be equipped with one or two handles. Once they were made of copper, because this metal is an excellent conductor of heat, today there are also the very efficient versions in stainless steel, aluminum, each with its specific characteristics.

Suitable for roasting, braising, au gratin and stewing, the saucepan has a multi-purpose function both on the hob and in the oven.

The version with handle is particularly appreciated for cooking sauces, pulling bottoms, mixing compounds and preparing tasty creams.

Among the professional saucepans, we find the perfect pan.

The pan can be defined as a saucepan with slightly lower edges and is often equipped with a lid that is essential because it allows preserving, during cooking, the moisture of food. It is used to cook meals that do not require boiling; it is instead perfect for roasting, braising and stewing.

In a guide to the shapes and uses of Stainless steel dinner set, you cannot fail to mention the classic pot.

Pot is the generic term used to indicate any container that you put on the fire to cook food. Individually, however, a professional pan has a definite shape, generally characterized by very high walls: for example, it is the one used to boil water for pasta, to make excellent cooked meat and long cooking soups.

One thing that everyone does not know is that, in the pots, the element of heat distribution is the liquid inserted into them. For this reason, it is not necessary that the material to be used is of high thermal conductivity.

Often it is made of aluminum because in this case, the anti-adhesion is not essential.

Then there are the frying pans among the most used professional cookware.

The pan is one of the oldest forms of kitchenware: there are testimonies in terracotta already in Roman times. It is a flat and full container with a long handle that is mainly used for caramelizing, frying, creaming and jumping.

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