Stainless steel is an essential part of modern life. It is ideal for food production and storage as it does not affect the flavour of the food .it is corrosion resistant which is important for some foods like orange juice which can be acidic. It is easily cleaned which keeps the undesirable germs away. Nowadays , stainless steel is widely used. They have an enchanting and beautiful look when they are placed like stainless steel plates, trays, bowls , spoons, salad stand etc. stainless steel has replaced iron, copper and aluminium in a big way cause of their strength , easy handling and above all durability. Stainless steel is a good conductor of heat. It enables the cooking with minimum oil and water. The main advantage in stainless steel is that it is low in cost and can be used at high heat. Health problems from stainless steel are rare. A few tips for safely cooking with stainless steel-

Must pre heat the utensil before cooking.

Avoid plain stainless steel cookware , they have a three ply , bonded construction which spreads heat unevenly . so go for a stainless steel utensil with a thick core of pure aluminium .

Cook at medium heat which will not stick to the base .

Once the cooking is done make sure that you soak in soapy warm water to clean.

Stainless steel cookware are fashionable , admired by home users and professional chefs too. They are durable and beautiful when used . a few advantages of stainless steel cookware are-

They have a smooth shine and needs less time to clean.

Easy maintainance. Only use detergent and water to wash then rinse and dry.

They are lightweight and easy to manever.

They are tough, resists scratches and stains . these cookware lasts a long time.

They can be put in refrigerator , they donot corrode.

They are excellent cookware priced moderately to suit everyone on budgets.

When choosing a stainless steel cookware what a few tips to be kept in mind-

Choose heaviest and most durable 18/10 stainless steel. It protects from rusting and keeps the  cookware shiny.

Buy the cookware that have sturdy handles and knobs for removing the lids.

Choose the cookware that has an aluminium or copper core for even heat distribution.

Stainless steel tiffin

A stainless steel tiffin is easy to carry, has lots of space , no spilling, its long lasting. Plastic is harmful for the environment as well as impacts your health. They contain a chemical BPA which causes cancer etc. stainless steel tiffin’s on the other hand are earth friendly. They have more compartments to carry the variety . they are the best options to use for your child’s tiffin.  At Saurabh Steel , stainless steel tiffin have a great range and offers the best quality . tiffin carriers also have different shapes and  varieties like-

The clip plain tiffin carrier– a gorgeous and sleek look of the tiffin and has three compartments. They have a clip which protects the food from spilling.

Thai tiffin carrier– spacious and perfect looking tiffin carrier . they have a smooth finish and are light weighted .

Belly patti tiffin – these tiffins are of belly shape , they are very spacious . light weighted and are amongst the most stylish looking tiffin carrier collections at Saurabh steel .

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